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3 Keys to Success in Dog Training

We've learned a lot over the last 35 years! We attribute our success with dogs to many things, but the most important rules in dog training are in this FREE GUIDE. Download yours nowto get started on the path to a well trained dog!

The 3 keys to success with any dog are just a click away!

Online Dog training with McCann Professional Dog Trainers

We've created the most comprehensive ONLINE DOG TRAINING program you'll ever see - and it all starts with these 3 keys to success!

McCann Professional Dog Trainers has trained more than 70,000 family dogs to have good manners at our facility near Toronto, Ontario. For 35 years, we've been helping dogs, just like yours, learn skills that make them a delight to live with. 

Whether you've trained several dogs before or this is your first time training a dog, you'll be a pro in no time with My Dog Can!

Get started today with your free guide - plus, we'll be sharing some of the greatest things we've learned all free and delivered right to your inbox.

My Dog Can is coming in June. You'll teach YOUR dog to:

Come When Called

All dogs need to learn how to Come when they're called. Whether it's busy streets, other dogs or a front door left open, a good recall can save your dog's life! With My Dog Can, we'll take you step-by-step through the lessons you'll need to make sure your dog comes on the first command every time you call!

Heel on a Loose Leash without pulling

Walking your dog should be a joy, not a chore. Our program will help you master loose leash walking in just a few weeks! Imagine, a few weeks of training time becomes a lifetime of joy!

Sit and Down Stays in the Face of Distraction

Imagine the doorbell rings. Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell your dog to stay and deal with your package delivery? It really is THAT EASY after a few weeks of lessons from My Dog Can

So Much More!

Other lessons include teaching your dog to drop objects on command. Drop a pill on the floor? Could be very dangerour is the dog grabs it first. Our lessons teach you how to stop your dog with a simple "leave it" command. Teach them to take food gently, give you great attention and MORE, MORE, MORE...... It all starts with your FREE guide. Just click below and check your inbox.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who are McCann Professional Dog Trainers?

This guide is brought to you by the fine folks at McCann Professional Dog Trainers. We’re Canada's leading dog trainers, with more than 70,000 dogs trained over 35 years, you'll be in great hands!

Will My Dog Really Learn in a Few Weeks?

Our slogan: "In Just a Few Weeks, YOUR Dog Becomes a Good Family Member." You may be wondering if it's true. Of course - and we've created a great guide that's valuable for beginners and dog training veterans alike to get you started. 3 of the most important things to know to train ANY dog.

Ready to Get Started?

McCann Professional Dog Trainers are Canada's Leading Dog Trainers. With over 70,000 dogs trained in the last 35 years, we've mastered teaching methods that can help anyone train any dog to have good manners—and we're excited to share that knowledge with you.

My Dog Can Online Training

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